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Gail’s Gold website features a complete ecommerce system. It has shopping cart functionalities and payment modules so they can accept payment for jewelry buyers. Initially, they wanted a more fancy look but i suggested to make it more elegant and clean. It’s important that at first glance you want your content and images to relay the message they want to convey for everyone who’s browsing the website. That’s why having a clean, elegant and structured content are important.

The website is user friendly and mobile friendly. It’s 100% responsive. We know that most of the people now browse websites through their mobile or tablets. That’s why it’s important for your website to have a responsive featured which is a must for any website out there. You don’t want to miss those customers who browse your website through their mobiles right?

By the way here are some of the screenshot of the website pages (some of the pages):

You can vist the website of Gail’s Gold here (click here)

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